Acteva Complaints Continue to Mount… Eventbrite to the Rescue!

Eventbrite to the rescueThe number of Acteva complaints continues to increase and the administrators at receive updates from current and newly identified victims of Acteva’s alleged fraud virtually every day.

While the primary goal in our fight against Acteva’s suspicious business practices and obvious management failures is to make sure the organizations, particularly the non-profits, get every penny they’re owed, these organizations still need help with all of their event registration needs.

¬†Drumroll, please… enter EVENTBRITE!

eventbrite-logoLet me introduce you to Eventbrite. They… are… AWESOME! When I reached out to the Eventbrite team regarding former Acteva clients’ claims of alleged fraud, they couldn’t have been more helpful, more professional or more willing to lend a hand to those organizations who have had such a poor experience with Acteva.

They’ve committed themselves to providing unparalleled service to those who are now understandably suspicious of all the companies in the online event registration industry.

Before you pull out your jump to conclusions mat and leap right to the, “Duh… they’re Acteva’s competitor… OF COURSE they’re going to jump on your bandwagon, dumbass” tile, let me explain. Eventbrite didn’t say a single bad word about Acteva. Nor did they ask for a single detail regarding their competitor’s alleged transgressions or request contact information for disgruntled Acteva clients in order to capitalize on their competitor’s failures.

In fact, when I tweeted this:

Their response was this:

That says a LOT about the kind of company Eventbrite is. And, not for nothing, they also spelled my name right. While that may seem like a meaningless and trivial thing to mention, for someone like me who has a common name with an uncommon spelling, that reflects positively on their attention to detail. More importantly…

They didn’t care what happened.

They didn’t want to “get the dirt” on their competitor.

They didn’t play the role of agitator and try to stir the pot in an attempt to steal business from a competitor.

They didn’t publicly castigate Acteva for failures and poor service (and they didn’t do so privately either, for the record).

They didn’t start wringing their hands, doing their best super-villain impression, complete with a “MWAAHAAHAAA!”

They simply offered to help.

Even if I’d had no prior experience with Eventbrite, I’d have been impressed. What Eventbrite didn’t know was that my tweet was a test for their team. I wanted to see how they’d respond to my goading them into publicly mocking Acteva’s failures. I wanted to see if they’d stay above the fray or engage with me in admonishing Acteva on a public forum like Twitter. They didn’t take the bait.

Considering the deplorable behavior of Acteva’s employees and consultants, both on Twitter and in the comments on various posts over at, Acteva would have have shamelessly and idiotically taken the bait. Eventbrite remained unequivocally professional, in both our public and private exchanges. And that tells you everything you need to know about the difference between Eventbrite and Acteva.

Acteva Doesn’t Get It, But Eventbrite GETS IT!

You see, what Acteva doesn’t seem to understand is that their failures don’t just reflect poorly on their brand, but on their entire industry. Like those of us in the search marketing industry who constantly rail against the snake oil salesmen and charlatans who have sullied our collective reputation, Eventbrite understands that those who have had a bad experience with one of their competitors may be justifiably apprehensive about trusting any company with their event registrations.

Eventbrite is a trustworthy and reputable event registration services provider used by many conference organizers in the search marketing industry, so in addition to their A+ rating with the BBB and copious positive reviews from satisfied customers from coast to coast, I can confirm through my own personal experience that Eventbrite’s service is second to none in the online event registration industry.

Unlike Acteva, not only can you rely on Eventbrite to handle all of your event registration needs professionally and efficiently, you can rest assured that Eventbrite will not withhold your funds unnecessarily or without explanation, they will not deceive you regarding the status or timing of payments and they will promptly respond to any of your inquiries via email or phone quickly, thoroughly and professionally. There simply is not a better, more trustworthy, more professional or more reputable source for your online event registration needs than Eventbrite.

Furthermore, Eventbrite has an entire team dedicated solely to serving the needs of non-profit organizations. They understand the unique challenges not-for-profits face and will do everything in their power to make sure your event registration needs are met, answer any question you may have about the services they offer to non-profits and help to make sure you fully understand the event registration process and payment processing options available to not-for-profit organizations.

In short, Eventbrite and their awesome support team are everything Acteva is not – trustworthy, proactive, honest and, quite simply, awesome. And to prove it, they’ve provided me with a link to a special promotional discount offer to share with Acteva’s victims. They’ve asked that I not publish the link publicly and I absolutely respect that request. So, if you’d like me to email the link to you, simply fill out the form below and I will gladly do so.

  • Your email address must match the URL listed above (i.e. - no GMail, Yahoo!, et al. email addresses will be accepted)
  • This is completely optional. If you want to join the fight with others like you at, please feel free to provide the details of your story. If you decide to share your tale of woe, it will be forwarded to the administrator of

    He MAY contact you to ask about including your story on his site. By submitting your story, you are giving me permission to forward your information to him, as well as giving him permission to contact you regarding your experience with Acteva.


    By checking the box above and submitting this form you attest, under penalty of law, that the information being submitted is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also affirm that you are a representative of the organization listed above and authorized to act on their behalf.

    Upon submission of this form, your IP address will be recorded and verfied using publicly available IP information. During the verification process, your IP address will be compared to the known IP addresses of Eventbrite's competitors - including, but not limited to, Acteva.

    Any attempt to defraud or otherwise misrepresent your identity in order to gain access to Eventbrite's private promotional information or internal business practices will be reported to the proper authorities. Any individual suspected of knowingly misrepresenting himself/herself may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation.

Some important information:
  • I VALUE YOUR PRIVACY – your contact information will not, under any circumstances, be shared with any third party (including Eventbrite) for any sales, marketing or advertising purpose whatsoever and it will be used ONLY to verify the validity of your submission, confirm your authority to represent the above named organization and to send you, via email, a link to the aforementioned Eventbrite promotion page.
  • I am not and never have been an Eventbrite affiliate (though, considering the potential affiliate revenue I could generate from Acteva’s victims alone, perhaps I should be…).
  • I am not and never have been an employee, consultant or in any other way professionally associated with Eventbrite. - The hassle-free way to buy domains and hosting online
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  1. Speaking from personal experience the difference between Acteva and Eventbrite is night and day. The first tweet response from Acteva did not come from their account but a person affiliated with them and it was not helpful or nice<, "do you hate Indians?" My first tweet to Eventbrite differnet story, they tweet back with an email to send my questions too. They also address me by name. The BBB ratings speak volumes too, Acteva has an F rating while Eventbrite touts an A+ rating. I have no need for either service in the foreseeable future, but if I did, I will choose Eventbrite.

    • Same here, Jason. I’m sure we’ll run some events once I get to CA next month and we’ll definitely be using Eventbrite for all our registration needs. They’re uncompromising in the level of service they provide and I hope all organizations, non-profit or otherwise, go with Eventbrite after learning of Acteva’s unmitigated douchebaggary.